Wait! What? 6/12: Non-Sportsball News of the Week

"Let's take a break from this to discuss the latest technology trends." (Thinkstock)
“Let’s take a break from this to discuss the latest technology trends.” (Thinkstock)

While you were all busy cheering on the Warriors this past week (Cleveland fans, please see yourselves out immediately) and contemplating whether anyone actually looks good in Golden State yellow (the answer is no), we generously took some time out of our rigorous viewing schedules and compiled some top tech newsbites for you:

  • Somewhere, a Target PR intern scheduled their first press release this week. We’re going to assume it was also their last. Whoops.
  • In news that really rocked the tech world this week, Blackberry and Android are contemplating what could potentially be the least consequential business partnership ever.
  • A little blue bird told us that Dick Costolo stepped down as Twitter’s CEO this week, but we’re not really sure since we were too busy checking our Snapchat stories and Instagram feeds to care.
  • Whoever called Mayweather v. Pacquiao the fight of the decade definitely did not anticipate Apple Music v. Spotify. In one corner, Taylor Swift and Drake. In the other, everyone who’s been listening to music since iTunes stopped being a thing in 2011.
  • And in what was legitimately the coolest tech development of the week, Facebook and Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will be in virtual reality thanks to Oculus Rift starting in 2016. We’re brushing up on our Super Smash Bros skills this very moment.

Now, back to sports.

Wait! What? 11/21: Robot takeover, outrageous in-flight Wi-Fi charges and … a Mercury landing?

"Come to me, minions." (Thinkstock)
“Come to me, minions.” (Thinkstock)

In celebration of Friday and slightly warmer weather around the country (I said slightly), here’s the latest and greatest in tech news. Break out your snuggy, grab some hot cocoa and enjoy:

  • The European Space Agency is looking into landing on scorching-hot Mercury for its next mission. Landing on a comet is so two weeks ago.
  • After spending six years of acting like humans in a Tennessee home experiment, robots are ready to start planning their takeover.
  • Google rolled out “Suggested for you” for more personal and relevant news. If only that came ad free.
  • Facebook Groups got its own app, making it simple to create, join and navigate between groups with a few taps. (Don’t worry, you can still use the feature with Facebook’s original app.)
  • One man racked up a terrifying $1,171.46 bill for in-flight Wi-Fi on a flight from London to Singapore. Another sad reminder that airlines can’t be trusted…or ahem, to read the fine print.
  • Uber and Spotify teamed up to spice up your commute. Uber drivers everywhere are rejoicing that Taylor Swift will not be available.

There you have it! You are ready for the weekend. Check back in next Friday for your weekly dose of juicy tech news. In the meantime, send any other cool stories our way @BlancandOtus.

Wait! What? 11/7: Printed food, Amazon Echo and Swift v. Spotify

Printed pizza dough, obviously. (Credit: Natural Machines)
Printed pizza dough, obviously. (Credit: Natural Machines)

It’s been an exciting week! An election and the partnership of Microsoft and Dropbox? We’re still trying to decide which couple-name is best: Microbox or Dropsoft. On second thought, let’s talk about the tech stories you missed while you were trying to figure out the difference between the judges on your ballot (don’t act like you knew):

  • We never get sick of totally wacky futuristic products, like this 3D food printer known as the Foodini, but honestly after watching their video, we’d be fine just printing an image of a pizza on a piece of paper and eating that instead.
  • Your home could be one step closer to ‘smart’ if you purchase the new Amazon Echo, a sort of universal controller for your home that obeys voice commands. Careful about going on vacation though. When you leave the house, Echo, Cortana and Siri throw massive ragers.
  • Did Taylor Swift just take a huge stand against the streaming music industry? This week, everyone’s favorite “down-to-earth” megastar pulled all of her albums from Spotify, right in the middle of the buzz generated by her new album. We should stop to think about this genuinely important issue, but first – let’s debate which famous exes her songs are all about!
  • Researchers at the University of Washington successfully demonstrated mind-to-mind communication. Yep. Telepathy. Come on guys – How are we supposed to make clever remarks when it’s this on the nose. No. We literally can’t.
  • Do you miss Cash Cab? Of course you do – you’re not a monster! If you’re in San Francisco, you’ll be glad to know that the next UberPOOL you take could be an Uber CashPOOL – a surprise round of trivia for the duration of your ride, with cash prizes. Start brushing up on U.S. State Capitals!

That’s all for this week’s edition of Wait! What? Enjoy the weekend, and take comfort in the knowledge that we will catch you up on the week’s best tech stories next Friday – because we care…and because we can’t help ourselves.