Wait! What? 6/12: Non-Sportsball News of the Week

"Let's take a break from this to discuss the latest technology trends." (Thinkstock)
“Let’s take a break from this to discuss the latest technology trends.” (Thinkstock)

While you were all busy cheering on the Warriors this past week (Cleveland fans, please see yourselves out immediately) and contemplating whether anyone actually looks good in Golden State yellow (the answer is no), we generously took some time out of our rigorous viewing schedules and compiled some top tech newsbites for you:

  • Somewhere, a Target PR intern scheduled their first press release this week. We’re going to assume it was also their last. Whoops.
  • In news that really rocked the tech world this week, Blackberry and Android are contemplating what could potentially be the least consequential business partnership ever.
  • A little blue bird told us that Dick Costolo stepped down as Twitter’s CEO this week, but we’re not really sure since we were too busy checking our Snapchat stories and Instagram feeds to care.
  • Whoever called Mayweather v. Pacquiao the fight of the decade definitely did not anticipate Apple Music v. Spotify. In one corner, Taylor Swift and Drake. In the other, everyone who’s been listening to music since iTunes stopped being a thing in 2011.
  • And in what was legitimately the coolest tech development of the week, Facebook and Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will be in virtual reality thanks to Oculus Rift starting in 2016. We’re brushing up on our Super Smash Bros skills this very moment.

Now, back to sports.

Twitter Introduces the Dronie and Yo app (aka the Next Big Thing) attracts the masses

Yo's logo, yo. (Credit: Yo)
Yo’s logo, yo. (Credit: Yo)

From the “eagerly” anticipated return of Blackberry to the FBI’s attempt to index Twitter shorthand (nice try), this week was chock full of news you can’t miss. Here’s what happened in tech while everyone except me was watching the World Cup:

  • Always wanted an index for your Twitter shorthand needs? No? Well here’s a list of not-so-commonly used acronyms brought to you by the FBI, clearly HAW (hard at work, we just made that up). TLK2UL8R, Secret Agent.
  • Sick of your iPhone correcting “Yo” to “To”? Yup, same here. But now there’s an app for that! Say whatever is  on your mind with just two letters, yo.
  • Take a cue from Queen Bey and put a ring on it! I’m sure she didn’t mean a vibrating wearable disguised as a cocktail ring, but whatever.
  • BlackBerry is not dead! …Said Blackberry CEO John Chen. Not too sure about this one, but hey, everyone loves a good comeback story.
  • Speaking of what’s dead…the #selfie! Twitter gave Ellen a run for her money this week by introducing theDronie. Hopefully this can finally end the #YearoftheSelfie.
  • Wondering what social media managers do? Definitely not spend all day on Facebook, so don’t even bother asking.

So there you have it folks – our top tech stories from the week! Tweet us @BlancandOtus or leave a comment below to share your favorite.