Wait! What? 6/10: WARRIORS, Productivity hacks, and more

The past few weeks have been filled with cheer as the Warriors take on the Cavaliers and the Sharks heat it up on the ice rink. I wonder who will win tonight’s game… our bet is on the Warriors. But, before we start placing bets, let’s take a minute to take a quick look back on this week’s trending topics.


  • Wouldn’t it be nice to have a simplified workweek and better work-life balance in the process? Well this Googler solved the issue. Fast Company shared how Jake Knapp devised a plan that helped teams solve bigger problems in less time.
  • Get your paper and pens out folks because I’ve got a quick and easy productivity trick for you. Quartz shared the Bullet Journal’s “secret” productivity hack that aims to give the old pen and paper a little more structure.
  • Recently, The Washington Post and a few other DC newsrooms shared four media relation lessons all PR folks could use. Remember to stay up to date with media lists, audience behavior impacts coverage date, be resourceful for journalists and keep content top quality!
  • Work and personal life can sometimes take a toll on us, so what separates us from the mentally strong people? Inc. shared 18 habits strong people have, including: practicing gratitude, accepting challenges and practicing realist optimism.
  • Our very own Chris Navalta shared another blog post on our favorite team – the Warriors! His piece discussed how yet another company (first Nike, now Uber) has “mis-dribbled an opportunity” to capitalize on Steph Curry for marketing opportunities. Third time’s a charm?

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Wait! What? 5/6: May the 4th and Cinco in Style

From May the 4th be with you to celebrating Cinco de Mayo in style at the Audi Legends Club for the Giants game it’s been a pretty hectic week at the office. Good thing the weekend is right around the corner!


  • Need a little boost on social? Why not add a few hashtags to the mix! PRNews published five tips to promote your brand properly and effectively. Some of the recommendations include promoting it all over and being creative.
  • With Mother’s day this weekend, what will you be getting her? See how Apple chose to celebrate Mother’s Day with real footage from an iPhone in this tear jerking Mother’s day tribute.
  • Inc. published an article on a few easy tricks to master in order to be more productive – never touch things twice, say no, and check e-mail on a schedule instead of every few minutes.
  • Thinking about branching out from Snapchat? Then Facebook Live has got you covered! Mashable recently wrote a piece on 15 essential tips to master the art that is Facebook Live including timing, promoting and getting personal with your audience.
  • Baby boomers better watch out, Millennials are here to take the “throne.” Fast Company recapped a Pew survey announcing that Millennials are now the largest generational group – 75 million Americans to be exact!

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Wait! What? 3/4: Our newest member, more news from Snapchat and the road to better meetings

From El Niño, to the presidential debates, to the Facebook Reactions announcement, the past few weeks have been pretty busy for us PR folks. This week’s news highlights the newest member of the B&O family and Snapchat’s switch to engage more marketers.


  • Let’s give a big round of applause to our newest B&O member, Neil McAllister! Formerly tech reporter for The Register, I’m sure he’ll be able to provide a few helpful hints as our director of media and content.
  • Want to be more attentive and understand your clients’ needs? Well you’re in luck, Forbes recently published an article on 7 great things listeners do. Focus, ask good questions and reflective listening are just a few.
  • Fast Company recently interviewed a Stanford professor to gain his insights on how changing everyday words and phrases could transform your work life. A few tidbits include switching “but” for “and” or saying, “want to” instead of “have to.”
  • Looks like Snapchat is running with the big (marketing) dogs now. In a recent effort to compete with some of the top social media platforms, Snapchat has partnered with Nielsen to offer marketers more intuitive and insightful analytics into brands.
  • Most of us probably spend half of our days stuck in internal meetings, client calls or training sessions. Here’s a few ways to make the most out of your meetings: make a list of what you want to accomplish, identify who should attend and send the agenda in advance.

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Wait! What? Super Bowl 50 Takes Over SF, Facebook Rolls out Reactions, Teens Reveal What’s In in 2016

Even though the New Year revelry has died down, the party isn’t over for San Francisco. As Super Bowl 50 fast approaches, there have been quite a few changes in our hometown including the installation of a “Super Bowl City” right in the heart of downtown. But, before we dive into Super Bowl 50 (although really, we already have), let’s take a few minutes to recap this week’s top news.


  • Looks like Facebook will be rolling out a new set of “reactions” for posts. It’s time to ditch the likes and start showing anger, sadness and excitement with the new “wow” or “yay” reaction.
  • From politics to social media and of course Super Bowl 50, Adweek highlights this week’s past top news with 9 intriguing digital marketing stats.
  • Need a little extra help revamping your writing skills? PR Daily has six ways to help including playing writing games, challenging yourself to solve problems and of course, to never stop reading!
  • “Oh em g, that’s so on fleek.” Business Insider surveyed 60 teenagers from around the U.S. to reveal what’s cool and what’s not in 2016. Apparently, it’s the norm for kids to receive a smartphone at age 11.
  • Even Silicon Valley is thinking about Super Bowl 50. In a city and industry so focused on disruption it’s no wonder that all eyes and ears are on Super Bowl 50, aka “the most technologically advanced Super Bowl ever.” We wonder what kind of tech innovations we’ll see on the big day (and no, horrible traffic doesn’t count…)

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Wait! What? The Tears of Joy Emoji Makes it to the Dictionary


ThinkstockPhotos-496854082From Thanksgiving feasts to setting popcorn on fire it’s been an eventful few days here at the B&O office. And just like you, we’re looking forward to the Thanksgiving break! But first let’s take a few minutes to recap this week’s top news.

  • Contrary to Drake’s hotline bling lyrics, “You used to call my on my cell phone,” millennials would prefer you don’t call them. Inc. published an article on why they’re not picking up their phones for you.
  • Need a few extra pointers on how to land that dream job? Forbes released an article on how to rise above the competition. Hint: social media can be a big help! (And speaking of dream jobs, check out our latest openings at B&O here.)
  • There’s been quite a lot of buzz this week about Twitter’s recent change from “favorites” to “likes,” but soon you might have even more options to show your reactions through emojis! Let’s hope this is true (heart eye emoji).
  • Speaking of emojis, clearly they’re all the rage this year: Oxford Dictionary recently declared the “face with tears of joy” emoji as the word of the year for 2015. Curious to know how this “word” was chosen? Check out the blog here.
  • We’ve all had those moments where we’ve typed out that we’re LOLing on the ground so hard or were super excited to meet up over text, but what do we actually look like? The Huffington Post published a hilarious piece on the ‘things you say in emails vs. how you look typing them.’

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Wait! What? 10/9: More Cat pics, Dislike buttons that suit your personality, and an All-Day McDonalds bfast

With the exciting (and loud) Blue Angels flying over San Francisco this weekend for #FleetWeek, let’s take a few minutes to recap this week’s top news before we start celebrating the fun-packed weekend.

Kitten meowing
Kitten meowing
  • Hoping to grow your career? Having trouble finding the right mentor? Here’s a piece from Fast Company that might help – eight successful people dish on how and how not to find the perfect mentor.
  • Still trying to get a handle of this whole social media thing? You’re in luck: USA Today highlighted facts on some of the top social media sites, including cat pictures so you can find your “purrfect” site for your personality.
  • Whether you’re writing a tweet for a client or on your personal account, make sure your grammar is on point by avoiding these five writing mistakes. Death to run-on sentences, comma splices and using the incorrect verb form…
  • The wait is over! Facebook is finally creating a set of ‘dislike buttons’ for users, except instead of a boring thumbs down you’ll be able to show an assortment of different reaction emojis.
  • All day breakfast – yes please! Hand us the hash browns and McMuffins – we’re ready for the all day McDonald’s breakfast. Here are five things to know about the introduction of the all day breakfast at McDonald’s. C’mon, you know you want to…

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Wait? What! 8/28: Get Back Into the End-of-Summer Grind With Tips from Buzzfeed, CIO and Instagram

Credit: Thinkstock
Credit: Thinkstock

TGIF! From a panel discussion with some of BuzzFeed’s top San Francisco writers to taking branding advice from Instagram it’s been a great week for us at B&O. Here’s a little recap of some of the top tech stories this week:

  • You’ve spent countless hours prepping for an interview, you know how to highlight your strengths and discuss your weaknesses, but do you know how to answer the oddball questions? CIO asks seven unusual questions to help you nail down that dream job.
  • Now that summer is coming to a close it’s time to get back into the grind of work. Are you ready to jump back in? Fast Company posted a video on how to tackle your work when you get back to the office after a long vacation.
  • Businesses are starting to change the way they brand through photography by taking some tips from Instagram on how to master the art of embracing the ‘perfectly imperfect.’
  • In this week’s offsite a few members of B&O traveled to Microsoft for an “Inside the Newsroom” event to have a panel discussion with a few noteworthy Buzzfeed writers and editors, Mat Honan, Jessica Misener and Nicole Nguyen. Want to craft an engaging pitch? Nicole suggests two brief sentences, a gif and a link to the product.
  • It’s time to bust three PR myths that could be hurting your career. Instead of focusing on landing that “it” piece in the Wall Street Journal, try focusing your efforts on getting a client’s story in a publication that target their audiences on a daily basis.

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Wait! What? 6/19: Enter the taco emoji

Yum. (Thinkstock Photos)
Yum. (Thinkstock Photos)

With the exciting win from the Golden State Warriors you might have missed out on quite a bit of news. Here’s a little recap of some of the week’s top articles on tech and marketing:

  • What do the Pillsbury Doughboy, Tony the Tiger and Mr. Clean all have in common? Brand awareness. Who would have thought that our favorite childhood mascots would teach us a thing or two about charming audiences?
  • Never fear, the taco emoji is finally here! Earlier this week the makers of Unicode Consortium released a new set of emojis complete with popcorn, a cheese wedge and of course, the taco.
  • Facebook engineered its algorithm to better detect and track user interaction on the news feed. The latest update can actually track how long users take to read a post.
  • ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Like A Girl and Love Has No Labels topped the charts as some of the best marketing campaigns from this year’s Facebook Awards.
  • According to researchers, the perfect blog post contains social buttons, an average of 3.2 images and an average number of 9.96 links through out. Seems like overkill, but hey.

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Wait! What? 4/25: A decade of viral videos

Cats, rulers of the Internet. (Credit: Megan Ann, Flickr)
Cats, rulers of the Internet. (Credit: Megan Ann, Flickr)

It was a fun week full of emojis, BuzzFeed dating advice and YouTube’s 10th birthday! Here’s a recap of the news you might have missed:

  • There’s a new norm for marketing – the emoji. More brands are trying to incorporate emojis into everyday campaigns in hopes of drawing the attention of millennials and Gen Z. Even CNN is joining the emoji game by developing emojis for the 2016 election.
  • Curious to find out what kind of guy you’ll find in San Francisco? Well, BuzzFeed released an article on the nine types of guys you’ll date by living out in the Bay. Who will you date – the Marina bro, the tech nerd or the Mission hipster?
  • Tech PR isn’t always a cushy gig, but there are ways to make it easier. PR Daily discussed ten apps that can help PR pros multitask and be more productive in their day-to-day lives.
  • Happy 10th birthday, YouTube! Over the years YouTube has become the top place for viewers to indulge in silly cat videos, explore new music and so much more. CNet explores how YouTube won our hearts through video.
  • Reporters are flocking away from journalism and into the PR industry. This is one trend we don’t expect to let up anytime soon.

Those are the latest tidbits from this week! Now go out and celebrate the weekend with a funny cat video.

Wait! What? 1/23: Historic speeches, Lyft’s new look and drone journalism


After a long weekend in remembrance of Martin Luther King Jr., we’re back on the PR grind. This week’s sampling of news tackles a variety of communications issues, big and small:

  • Working in PR we’ve heard no shortage of great speeches, but one stands above the rest: “I Have a Dream.” PR Daily examined how MLK’s iconic address matched the perfect message with the perfect moment and became something greater than words.
  • Could drones become the new face of journalism? Virginia Tech has partnered with the Associated Press, Getty, Gannett, NBCUniversal, The New York Times Company and The Washington Post to reinvent how news is gathered with the use of drone technology.
  • Ladies, social media could be the answer to all your stress problems! A recent study from Rutgers University and Pew Research found that women who frequently use social media report being less stressed. Just don’t get addicted
  • Say goodbye to fuzzy pink mustaches, and hello to the glowstache? Lyft is reinventing the ‘stache’ in hopes of growing the company’s image.
  • Excited for the Super Bowl? Looks like you’re not the only one. Budweiser has big PR plans in store before, during and after the game.

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