Final Days at B&O: A Reflection on the Past Six Weeks

The time has come – my six weeks are up! One more week and I’m officially off to my senior year in high school. This opportunity has certainly been one that I will never forget. It was my first internship, first exposure to PR, and my first experience officially in the adult world. I enjoyed it here and the thing I’ll miss most is the overall atmosphere. I had no problem getting used to being here everyday because so many people offered their help to me when I needed it. I believe this internship has given me more than I could have offered. Even though I did lose a few hours of sleep, I got to strengthen a variety of skills such as time management, organization, being able to work independently, and knowledge in Excel, Microsoft Lync and Outlook. Even though the commute was long, I ended up having fun traveling and walking to work. The location made my mornings better. I became a morning person. At lease I know I won’t be waking up late for my first day of school.

I have one week to enjoy the rest of my summer and honestly, I think I’ll spend it catching up on sleep I lost in the commuting hours during my six weeks at B&O. I have to say, the one thing I won’t miss here is the amount of food that tempted me everyday (B&O has amazing snacks!) I’m guilty to say I began a habit of drinking tea. For many it’s coffee, but for me tea is my new guilty pleasure.

I came in not knowing what PR was at all and it turns out I liked it a lot. It is now on my list of potential careers I may pursue in the future. I do know now where to go if I do choose a PR career and I know for sure I won’t regret it. Special thanks to Sophie, Shasta, Annemiek and all those at B&O who helped make this an unforgettable experience. I’m truly grateful to have been surrounded by such amazing and talented people at B&O. Wish me luck!

Reflections on Week 3 in PR

I’ve made it half way here! That means I must be doing something right. I just finished my third week here at B&O. I have had a really great time; I’ve experienced the life of living in a cubicle, life of handling money, life of having bags under my eyes, and the life of traveling every morning to work. Although the life in a cubicle may sound boring and exhausting, it really isn’t at B&O. And I have to admit the bags under my eyes are the fault of my weakness for TV shows.

As time goes on, I’ve noticed and learned a good amount of new things. I’ve learned much more about the company and details about the unique people who make up the company. I did learn that I work pretty quickly and that there are always ways I can help with other tasks if I finish all of my work. I’ve also learned research can be difficult and stressful at times, especially when you find out all the data you recorded was not saved for the next morning (YES, that happened to me once… or twice.).

Overall the thing that I am finding most interesting about work is the culture of B&O. Most people except for Neil (sorry!) don’t connect directly (hello email and IM, goodbye telephone). The culture of B&O is very friendly and family-like. It’s not just 100% work and competitive focus here. Yes, they take their work seriously and yes, they work efficiently, but the thing that creates the passion here is the culture. Without passion, there isn’t an efficient or conducive working environment.

Throughout the week, I have been assigned a task to interview those who work at B&O. I have interviewed a good number of people here and typically ask questions like how many years of experience they’ve had, their story, inspiration, and what they dislike and like about their job. I have really enjoyed listening to each individual story. All the stories connect and make you realize how PR is filled with people with entirely different backgrounds. There are people from different cultures, people who like/dislike different things, people with different leadership skills, etc. During my interviews, there were a few people who got to the point when I asked questions and some who took fifteen minutes to answer every question. Overall, everyone has been very cooperative with my interviews and seems to really appreciate doing them. I really enjoy being here at B&O and can’t wait to see what my last couple of weeks bring.

My Second Week in PR

Raquel here, back with my second B&O blog post to give you an update on my first couple of weeks. I will admit, my first weeks at B&O have been slightly challenging. I was pushed into an environment I wasn’t familiar with and am definitely still learning the ropes here. As you know, I’m new to the whole “internship” thing and it was a little intimidating during my first few weeks knowing I was the only high schooler here. My main priority for my time here so far has been to come in on time and do all the work efficiently. I like time management and organization and my daily work has really put that to the test.

Luckily, I didn’t have much trouble understanding my daily work mainly because the people here are very friendly and willing to lend a hand whenever I needed help on something. I think my biggest hurdle to overcome was learning to travel into the office early in the morning and back home during rush hours. While that has been challenging, overall the experience here has been fun and enlightening. I learned I enjoy working independently but also working collaboratively and helping others.

There is definitely no boredom here at B&O. People are constantly moving, their minds are churning with new ideas, and the agency is definitely fast-paced. I’ve come to realize that time management is a very important thing here, because everyone works on different teams and must learn to manage their workload independently. Another thing I’ve learned here is that regardless of how many meetings you have, you must be able to work around them. Somehow, you have to find time to balance meetings with real work and client deadlines too!

I have had a good amount of projects given to me by B&Oers but also some free time, and I used it to mainly continue on research. Besides learning about PR I have had the chance to learn a bit about web design thanks to one of my projects. One thing I will definitely keep in mind moving forward is that there WILL be days when I will have a lot to do and others when I don’t, so its best to keep myself occupied when it’s slower. Perhaps the biggest thing I have learned being here is that you have to ask QUESTIONS. That’s the only way you learn as an intern, and everyone is always happy to answer them! I can’t wait to see what my next few weeks at B&O will bring.

Summer Fun: My First Two Weeks as Blanc & Otus’ Newest Intern

It’s summer; it’s July – what does that mean to you? July usually means relaxation and fun since it’s technically the middle of the summer months, but what even is “summer” anymore? Summer can mean many different things, but to me it means “work” – but the good kind of work. It’s the kind of work where one gets to learn and experience new things – my work is a summer internship. My name is Raquel Vera, a soon-to-be high school senior and Blanc & Otus’ newest intern.

I was selected for Blanc & Otus’ internship thanks to San Francisco’s DSY Program, a program that allows me to experience the professional world of business. A friend recommended the program to me a few months ago and I have really enjoyed it thus far. During my first week at Blanc & Otus I was introduced to public relations, or what they like to call “PR.” I had absolutely no idea what to expect going into it, but it turns out it wasn’t so scary after all! They have a great office environment here, and everyone has been very welcoming and friendly.

My hobbies consist of participating in many leadership organizations, both at school and at church, along with reading books about leadership, business and psychology. Marketing and teamwork, specifically creativity and collaboration, are big areas of interest for me as well, and I can’t wait to see how my passions are applied to my work at Blanc & Otus.

The opportunity to work with Blanc & Otus has indeed opened up new experiences to the world I have not reached yet: the adult world. The opportunities that have been given to me to learn how it feels to commute to work, work full time, earn money, and be independent are very valuable. I know that there will be much more to come during this internship and regardless of the challenges, I have no doubt this internship will teach me many great lessons.