Great People Are at the Heart of Our Business, and No One Has Been More so than Peggy Clark

Stay classy, Pegs. We'll miss you.
Stay classy, Pegs. We’ll miss you.

Here on our blog, you see us write a lot about the trends in the industry, the latest happenings and tips and tricks of the trade. Perhaps not often enough do we take a step back and look at the reason we even have a business in the first place… our people.

The thing that makes Blanc & Otus great is that we have an amazing tribe of different, talented and passionate people who are committed – not only to delivering on our mantra of 5-star client service, but also in their support of each other.

In my 16 years at the firm, I have never seen anyone showcase this commitment more eloquently than our beloved office coordinator, Peggy Clark.

For 15 years Peggy has been part admin, part therapist, part caterer, part den mother and ALL HEART. Looking back, I am not sure we have all appreciated enough the tireless effort and commitment she has delivered. At the times when we were so crazy we thought we might lose our minds, it was Peggy that brought the pizza and beer. When a new client or candidate walked through the door, it was Peggy that gave them a warm and lasting positive first impression of Blanc & Otus.

Something ordered, booking travel, rearranging conference rooms, scheduling Ubers, flowers on anniversaries, ensuring cheese sticks stocked at all times, a shoulder to vent on…Peggy Clark.

By themselves, these may seem like small tasks. But in reality, these are huge things that have ensured the agency has run smoothly and made our jobs, and lives, easier and better.

Seeing her bright smile (and impeccable, matching jewelry) is one of the things I value most when I come into the office each day. And it’s one of the things I will miss the most as we prepare to send her off on her much deserved retirement.

In a service business like ours, having great people is essential. We were lucky to have been blessed with Peggy all these years. Her commitment to delivering a 5-star service to the Blanc & Otus team has made a lasting and invaluable mark on our company and each of us individually. We send her with all our thanks, our love and our best wishes in her retirement adventures.

In the words of the great Frank Sinatra …“thanks for the memory”.

#PRmyths – A Good Story Will Sell Itself

What’s the first thing you do when you receive a piece of information that really interests you? Share it, right?

What about information that, albeit interesting, just isn’t in your wheelhouse? DELETE.

Knowing this, why do so many PR people not take the time to carefully research and target the right audiences for their stories?

While the old adage of a “good story sells itself” exists, it certainly doesn’t ring true in a digital world. A good story is fantastic – a PR person’s dream in fact – but it will only be amplified when it reaches the right targets. Ones who will care and then share (and share, and hopefully share some more).

Reach the wrong audience and … crickets.

The lesson here: don’t let a good story fall on deaf ears. Do your homework, find the right people to tell it to and watch your story spread like wildfire.

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Wait! What? 7/3: 80’s TV and cinema technology, coming to a real life near you

Admit it. The 80's were tooootally cool. (Thinkstock)
Admit it. The 80’s were tooootally cool. (Thinkstock)

Talking cars, Jedi mind tricks, household robots…these are just a few of the futuristic capabilities and technologies that captivated us children of the 80s. Well, brush off your Members Only jacket and parachute pants ‘cause 80s film and cinema technology is about to “like totally” make its grand debut in the real world:

  • Talking cars (The “Hoff” not included). Hard to imagine a car as cool as KITT, but yours may soon be telling you to “fill up” and other tasks, thanks to a partnership with SAP, Toyota and VeriFone.
  • Humanoid Robots. Ever wish you had a robot like Rosie on the Jetsons? Google will soon sell robots that can walk, drive a car and more.
  • Jedi Mind Tricks (don’t say you haven’t tried it!). A company named Emotiv has created headpiece that allows people to move objects by scanning their brain signals.
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty. According to a fellow at Stanford University, much of the technology we have seen in Star Trek, from the 60’s through the 80’s, has materialized – from sharing holographic messages, to real life “tricorders” and “replicators.” Next up… quantum teleportation.
  • Americans can’t live without their cell phones. Good thing we aren’t still carrying around those five-pound, early prototype cell phones from the late 80’s, as a Bank of America survey found that nearly half of Americans wouldn’t last one day without their phone. 91 percent said their cell phone was just important as their car or using deodorant (yikes!).

Hope this post put a big hyper color smile on your face. If not, maybe you’re just still bummed out from Facebook manipulating your emotions.

What were your favorite 80’s movie and TV technologies that you would like to see come to life? Share your thoughts @Blancandotus.