Wait? What! 5/13: Instagram got some work done, Budweiser thinks it is actually America and Riley Curry reminds us all who the real MVP is

The weekend is almost here! This week Instagram and Budweiser decided they wanted to, like, change their looks, while Google is, once again, making our lives easier, Steph Riley Curry is the MVP by unanimous public opinion, and we found out that our brains have delete buttons. Goodbye embarrassing 7th grade memories.shutterstock_162049547

  • Instagram decided it was time to change its “outdated” logo. After laboring over the design for nine months, they decided on a camera lens that is “a lot closer to the camera that people use these days.” Sure.
  • The Belgium-based company, Anheuser-Busch InBev, will be changing the name on the cans of Budwiser to “America” because what is more ‘Merica than a Belgian beer called America?
  • The new Gboard for iOS gathers all of the Google products, such as email, search, photos, maps, and video, into one keyboard so you don’t have to have to swap your iPhone for an Android. Thanks Google!
  • On Tuesday, Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry won his second consecutive MVP award by unanimous vote. But the only Curry that was catching everyone’s attention was his three-year-old daughter Riley Curry, as she worked the room and kept her eyes on the press.
  • Ever lay awake at night and remember all of the embarrassing things you have ever done? Well, synaptic pruning is here to help you weed out all the memories you don’t want in favor of all the warm and fuzzy memories you do want.

That’s it for this week, share your favorite stories with us @BlancAndOtus. We are gonna go crack a few Americas and kick back for the weekend. Until next time.

Wait! What? 3/18: Spring forward into March Madness (and have a slice of Pi while you’re at it)

TBGIF! In this week’s Wait! What?, we all lost an hour of sleep, Obama wants Silicon Valley to play nice and Instagram will be changing its algorithm to ruin your life.


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Wait! What? Twitter really wants you to “like” them & it was National Donut Day…again

It is officially sweater weather, so here is our round up of our favorite stories from this week to help keep you warm.

Delicious donut with sprinkles
National Donut Day!
  • Grab your favorite blanket and some popcorn because Twitter decided to switch from “favorite” stars to “like” hearts, and apparently, not everyone “hearts” this change.
  • Feeling like you’re experiencing déjà vu? The second National Donut Day of 2015 occurred this week. As if we needed an excuse to eat more donuts.
  • Teen Instagram celebrity Essena O’Neill quit social media, sparking an Internet-wide discussion, which begs the (tech) age-old question – is social media bad for us?
  • The Internet does it again! The hashtag #ForceForDaniel helps a terminally ill Star Wars fan see “The Force Awakens” early.
  • As you chow down on the last of your leftover Halloween candy, Jimmy Kimmel released this year’s Halloween challenge. Who knew taking candy from a baby was so funny?

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