Reflections on Week 3 in PR

I’ve made it half way here! That means I must be doing something right. I just finished my third week here at B&O. I have had a really great time; I’ve experienced the life of living in a cubicle, life of handling money, life of having bags under my eyes, and the life of traveling every morning to work. Although the life in a cubicle may sound boring and exhausting, it really isn’t at B&O. And I have to admit the bags under my eyes are the fault of my weakness for TV shows.

As time goes on, I’ve noticed and learned a good amount of new things. I’ve learned much more about the company and details about the unique people who make up the company. I did learn that I work pretty quickly and that there are always ways I can help with other tasks if I finish all of my work. I’ve also learned research can be difficult and stressful at times, especially when you find out all the data you recorded was not saved for the next morning (YES, that happened to me once… or twice.).

Overall the thing that I am finding most interesting about work is the culture of B&O. Most people except for Neil (sorry!) don’t connect directly (hello email and IM, goodbye telephone). The culture of B&O is very friendly and family-like. It’s not just 100% work and competitive focus here. Yes, they take their work seriously and yes, they work efficiently, but the thing that creates the passion here is the culture. Without passion, there isn’t an efficient or conducive working environment.

Throughout the week, I have been assigned a task to interview those who work at B&O. I have interviewed a good number of people here and typically ask questions like how many years of experience they’ve had, their story, inspiration, and what they dislike and like about their job. I have really enjoyed listening to each individual story. All the stories connect and make you realize how PR is filled with people with entirely different backgrounds. There are people from different cultures, people who like/dislike different things, people with different leadership skills, etc. During my interviews, there were a few people who got to the point when I asked questions and some who took fifteen minutes to answer every question. Overall, everyone has been very cooperative with my interviews and seems to really appreciate doing them. I really enjoy being here at B&O and can’t wait to see what my last couple of weeks bring.